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Friday March 08, 2013
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R. V. Park

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Mayor Pat Courtney

Welcome to the intersection of Bassfield, MS and the Longleaf Trace. After 7 years of work, the trace is now completed. The Longleaf Trace is a 10-foot wide asphalt trail that winds itself 39 miles in length from Prentiss to Hattiesburg. Especially interesting are the many exciting things that the Village Of Bassfield offers to those who are passing through. The Village Of Bassfield has put a tremendous amount of effort into making the Longleaf Trace a success. One of the things that we are proud of here in Bassfield is that our Village sits in the middle of the equestrian trail that runs from Carson to Epley, spanning 22 miles in length. So when you are passing through Bassfield, be sure and stop by and enjoy some of our delicious eating places that you see listed on our website.

The Longleaf Trace is an environmental asset to our town. It offers you and your family the opportunity to enjoy a trip through nature's pristine settings and enjoy the splendor of

Bridge on TraceMississippi's outdoors. The trace is open to the public, and here in Bassfield, MS, we welcome you to come and enjoy the beauty, food, and the fun. The trace runs through some heavily wooded areas, which are filled with wildlife. So whether you like jogging, skating, walking, or horseback riding, come visit the Longleaf Trace today, and be sure to visit us here in Bassfield, MS. We are determined to make your visit a fun and pleasant experience. Thanks for visiting our web site, and we hope to see you on the trace. If you would like additional information, please visit all of the links that you see on the right, and explore the many things that the Town Of Bassfield has to offer.  For more information, please contact us at the City Hall at (601)943-5424.

The Longleaf Trace and Faler Park offer singles and families unlimited hours of healthy entertainment.  The Trace is a 48-mile paved wheelchair accessible walking, in-line skating, and cycling trail stretching from Prentiss to Hattiesburg.  Adjacent to the paved trail is an equestrian trail that runs 25 miles from Carson to Epley.  The Longleaf Trace passes through the village center and Faler Park.  Visitors to Faler Park can enjoy a cold drink at the Bassfield comfort station, picnic under the pavilion or rest in the shade of an oak.  Our equestrian friends can pause at the hitching post and water trough next to the comfort station.  Bassfield offers three paved parking lots adjacent to the trail with ample space for SUVs, trucks and trailers (convenient drive-thru access for trailers). 










Bassfield strives to enrich the quality of life for all members of the community by providing efficient and effective services with integrity and teamwork.  City Hall, located on General Blount Drive, across from Faler Park, is open Monday through Wednesday 8-5 and Friday 8-5.  City clerks or Mayor Jerry Holland will answer questions and provide assistance. The monthly meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen is held at 8:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall. 

Telephone 601 943-5425

Fax 601 943-6243



Town Of Bassfield

P. O. Box 100

Bassfield, MS 39421




 Pat Courtney


Board of Aldermen

Pat Courtney

Hester Easterling

Lance Garner

Johnny Kerley

Sandy Speights


 City Attorney

Bobby J. Garraway,


The Water Department, headed by Jason Wambolt, provides water, sewage and garbage service to residents within the village limits and to several residences outside the village proper.  This department installs and maintains more than 31 miles of water lines.  It also operates and maintains two ground storage wells and one elevated water storage tank that holds more than 100,000 gallons and has 100,000 watts of auxillary power.  For service repairs or questions regarding your water bill, call 601 943-5424


The Police Department, headed by Larry Joe Thompson, is located in City Hall and staffed by certified law enforcement officers.  For emergencies within Bassfield, call 601 943-6300 or 911. 


The Fire Department, headed by Chief Billy Mathews, is manned by more than 30 trained volunteer firefighters.  The Department operates with two fully equipped fire trucks and a rescue truck equipped with the Jaws of Life.  For emergencies in the Bassfield area, call 601 943-5600 or 911.

Bassfield Street Maintenance is headed by Robert Mauldin. 


The Municipal Court is responsible for adjudicating criminal misdemeanor offenses involving city ordinances and state statutes.  Court is held on the second Tuesday of each month in City Hall.  For information on fines, court dates and time, call 601 943-5424.


Bassfield Municipal Court

Judge Jeff Stewart

Douglas Miller, Prosecutor

Dianne Hutchinson, Court Clerk
Municipal Court 601 943-5424






Incorporated vegetable and fruit growers association established 1988.  Serves farmers and growers in six surrounding counties.  Bell peppers, blueberries, cucumbers, sport peppers, squash, watermelons and zucchini.  Nationwide and European customer base.  Annual sales in excess of $.  Cooling and storage facility holds five semi-trucks. Also stores pine seedlings for distribution to forestry industry.  4 employees.

Call Dixie Fruit & Vegetable (601) 943-5095 for more information.


M.G. Dyess Inc.

Founded 1992.  Locally owned corporation serving customers nationwide.  Specializing in mainline gas transmission projects; right of way stabilization and maintenance; directional drilling; fabrication civil structures and compressor stations.  Service agreements available.  1,000 area employees.

ContactMG Dyess, Inc. (601) 943-6663 







Established in 1999.  Local owners Mark Fails, Phil Fails and Bobby Davis constructed a 7005 square-foot building on Highway 35 in Bassfield in 2007.  Headquarters serving statewide customer base.  Fabrication and repair of process piping; structural repair of above ground fuel storage tanks; specialized construction work.  40 employees. 

ContactDFI Construction (601) 943-6817          www.




Equine Products, LLC

Established as Team Advantage in 1997.  Owner Frank Deese relocated to Bassfield in 2007. Constructed headquarters and factory in May 2007.  Wholesale manufacturer of quality health products for equine and canine industries with nationwide distribution.  20 employees and growing.

ContactEquine Products (601) 943-6663          www.







Local owners Sid and Vickie Fails manufacture and distribute above ground water meters.  Nationwide customer base.  8 employees.

ContactSidreauxs(601) 943-6663          www.


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