"Bassfield, MS - The Town on the Trace"
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Methodist Church

Here we have have the L. L. Robert's Memorial United Methodist Church. You can see this church on General Robert E. Blount St. just past the public library. This church was built in 1935.

Phone: 601-943-6221

Pastor: Steve Tillman

This is a picture of the Bassfield Baptist Church. It is located on Hathorn Avenue.

Pastor: Ken Roberts

Phone: 601-943-6518

This is the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. It is located on Barnes Avenue, in the Town Of Bassfield.

Phone: 601-943-6087

Pastor: Henry Kelley

The St. Peter's Catholic Church that you see pictured here is located on Hwy. 42 as you are coming into Bassfield from Carson. It also features a reception hall adjacent to it, which you can see by clicking HERE.

Phone: 601-943-5104

Father: Cuddy O'Connell

Catholic Church
Holly Springs C.M.E. Church

Here you see pictured the Holly Springs Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, which is located on Barnes Avenue.

Phone: 601-943-6568

Pastor: Sonnie Washington


Bassfield, MS - The Town on the Trace