"Bassfield, MS - The Village on the Trace"



A.F. Carraway Store

Cycling through and need a quick energy snack?    Check out the A.F. Carraway Store for a cold drink, crackers and wedge of hoop cheese.  We offer fast food at Ward’s Diner and at the many deli-style quick marts in town.

     If you have time to sit and enjoy a meal, try Bassfield’s newest eating establishment, the Trace Café.  Michelle Cooley, owner and chef, will prepare a mouthwatering meal you won’t soon forget.  

     Here for the weekend?  Try an evening meal at Cowboy Jim’s Restaurant for good eating and atmosphere.  It’s eight miles from the town and trail, but we’ll still say it’s in Bassfield.  The bantam chickens, guinea hens, ducks, and bob-tailed kittens in the yard and the albino catfish in the pond offer almost as much entertainment as the live country music.


Open Mon-Sat 7-6

Cold Drinks, Fruit, Snacks, Hoop Cheese & Crackers

Corner of Hawkins Ave. & Blount Dr.


As you proceed on General Robert E. Blount St. just a few blocks from the Public Library, you will see the Faler House on your right. The Faler House was built in 1910, and now servers as a historical site in the Village Of Bassfield. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Old Faler House
Bassfield City Hall Mayor B. C. Blount has worked tirelessly in an effort to insure that the Longleaf Trace became a reality for Bassfield, Jefferson Davis County, and adjoining counties and towns. Mayor Blount is excited about the economic impact the Longleaf Trace will have on the Town Of Bassfield and its friendly people. He extends a warm welcome to visitors coming from all areas of the world to visit their friendly little Village Of Bassfield.

Bassfield, MS - The Town on the Trace